The Process

Custom Build Properties: Guaranteed to save you money on a new home


A custom build property is a scheme that enables you to have a bespoke new home, built to your choice of specification.  It is a self-build with clean hands!
Firstly we find the land, put the road and services in, and then offer the plots with a choice of build options including Watertight, Basic Build Regulations, or a Bronze/Silver/Gold finished package.  Along with this comes the choice to amend the internal layout of the house design to incorporate a different number of bedrooms or a larger family/dining area to suit your specific requirements.


What is the Process?


At Fairgrove, we have already sourced and secured a number of attractive plots of land in sought-after locations, and gained planning permission ready for the build process to begin.
This is where the fun starts as you are able to choose a plot with a suitable house design, secure your funding and then we can begin the process of the build.  This is the easiest way to ensure you have the home of your dreams, designed by you and located in a prime position.

At a glance...

1) Pick your own Fairgrove Custom Build plot and house design

2) Choose if you want a Potton timber frame or a Fairgrove brick/stone build

3) Choose from a range of internal layouts

4) Choose your specification - Watertight, Basic Build Regs, Bronze, Silver or Gold

5) Identify funds or a stage payment mortgage

6) Purchase land

7) Build deposit required

8) Timber frame delivered/traditional build works started

9) Build programme provided

10) Finished Custom Built home


The process explained in more detail:


  1. Custom build plots for sale are available, with planning consent already in place for pre-agreed house designs. If you want to change the design on the plot it would be a re-submission to the planning department at an extra cost.
  2. Timber frames are available for the build from Potton or alternatively you can choose a traditional brick or stone build from Fairgrove.
  3. You make a choice from a range of internal floor layouts for your chosen design, offering a different number of bedrooms or a change to the ground floor layout.
  4. You make a choice from the available specification levls, whether you want your home built to Watertight level to finish off yourself, or to one of our Complete packages ranging from Bronze to Gold level.
  5. If you don't have the funds readily available then you will need a 'Stage Payment' mortgage. We can reccommend a number of specialists who have expertise in self build funding.
  6. You purchase the land from us, and at the same time enter into a building contract.
  7. The deposit for the build is required at this stage, which is 10% of the complete price.
  8. Construction will commence on your build, either with timber frame, brick or stone works.
  9. Build programme is provided, setting out the timings and anticipated schedule of payments which are planned to coordinate with your stage release mortgage.
  10. Your Custom Build home is finished to a standard that meets the requirements of a recognised warranty provider.

*All design and specification details must be agreed before construction begins. Any changes made after this will incur additional costs.